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  • Why Hire a Professional Photographer? 📷
    Professional photographers come with a wealth of knowledge and experience that is simply unmatched. Now, even though smartphone technology has greatly evolved and allows us to take incredibly detailed photos, there's still a vast difference between a layperson playfully snapping pictures and a professional capturing moments. Here are a few reasons why you should consider hiring a professional photographer: Quality: With their top-notch gear and seasoned skills, professional photographers bring a superior quality unmatched by casual photography. Experience in Various Conditions: Whether it's a bright, sunny day or a dim, ambient room, they knave knowledge and ability to adapt to these conditions to produce great photos. Creativity: Their trained eye for composition, lighting and other elements that contribute to a great photo is something that is learned through many, many hours of experience. Editing Skills: Post-processing is where a good photo becomes a great photo. Professionals know how to use editing programs to their full extent to create stunning images. Reliability: When you hire a professional, you can rest assured that they will show up on time and deliver the photos in a timely manner. Just imagine the possibilities! Picture-perfect family portraits, stunning solo headshots, breathtaking landscape shots of your favorite vacation spot - professional photographers don't just take photos, they create memories to be cherished for generations to come. We strongly believe that our lives are made up of unforgettable moments, and we're here to capture them for you. 🌟
  • Does your studio provide videography services?
    No. However, we are more than happy to recommend a videographer we have worked with.
  • Do I get the copyright/ownership of my photos?
    The photographer will remain the copyright owner of the photos. But don't worry, with your purchase of any digital package, you as the client are given unlimited permission to use and reproduce the photos. Note, though, that these rights are non-exclusive. This basically means that you're free to use the images however you want, but the photographer may also still use the images.
  • What types of photography do you do?
    I specialize in Maternity and Portrait photography, with more than a decade and half of experience in every facet of family photography. Whether it's capturing the joy at weddings and events, the precious moments of newborn photography, or the professionalism in business headshots, I enjoy working within a variety of sessions. Feel free to reach out about any of your photography needs, I'm happy to help!
  • Do you instruct for posing? I am sort of awkward/unphotogenic.
    That's why I'm here! I'm more than happy to assist you in finding the perfect poses and capturing genuine, authentic reactions. If it helps you feel more at ease, I encourage clients to bring along someone who can make them feel comfortable, or even create a playlist of their favorite music for the session.
  • Do you backup or otherwise secure images for protection?
    If your images are uploaded by us onto our website, they will be accessible there for at least one year. We strongly advise you to download these images for safekeeping, using at least two different backup methods. These methods could include uploading them to your cloud storage, burning them onto a disc, saving them on a jump drive or an external hard drive, or any method you prefer. Yet, our top recommendation is to PRINT your images. Please keep in mind that digital technology can sometimes be unreliable, while physical copies of your images will always be available.
  • When Will I Receive My Images?
    Typically, most sessions wrap up within a 2-week time frame. However, the duration might vary depending on the kind of session or specific requests from our lovely clients! For example, for a beautiful wedding event, going through 800+ pictures might push the delivery timeframe of final digital images to around 3 or 4 weeks.
  • How do I find your packages and pricing?
    On our menu, find Pricing & Booking>Book Online
  • What’s your cancellation/rescheduling policy?
    Please take note, you are permitted to reschedule your portrait photography session once without a penalty, in instances of emergencies or unforeseen events. If further rescheduling is needed, a fee of $25 applies. Non-Refundable Deposit: Be aware that 48 hours post payment, any deposit made becomes non-refundable.
  • Why was my request for an appointment denied?
    There are a number of reasons this may happen, including, but not limited to: - Your request was made on too short of notice to accomplish the needs of your package. For example, a custom/styled session would need a minimum of two weeks or more to design and order items needed for your session. - The package you requested is not sufficiant for the ideas or requests that you have. For instance, an Individual | Maternity session will not be approved, if the notes mention including your entire family--even for "just one or two" photos. - If your photographer feels that your session, scheduled at the chosen time, would cause you or the session before/after you to need to rush or wait. A good example would be if two custom sessions are booked too close together, it would not allow enough time for the photographer to breakdown one set and put up the next. Regardless of the reason, your photographer should reach out and explain her reason for doing so, and offer to change the appointment for you.
  • I want to book a session. What do I do?
    Check out our portfolio: Just to ensure you're fond of our style, we suggest you go through our portfolio. While we value your ideas and I do collaborate with you to achieve your overall vision, remember that each of my photo sessions carries my distinct artistic signature. Explore our Booking Page: Visit the Pricing & Booking > Online Booking page. Here you will find an array of services and packages we provide. Take your time to figure out what suits you best. If you are not sure wich one best suits your needs.. Book a consultation: Regardless of what follows, we’ll guide you through our entire process once you set up a consultation. Schedule your session: If you have already determined when you'd love to have your session, just click on the session type that appeals to you to request an appointment. Once you book a slot, you'll receive an invoice within 48 hours to pay a 50% deposit and finalize the appointment.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?
    Once a booking is confirmed, all clients will receive an invoice that requests a deposit. This invoice can be settled through various payment methods, including debit, credit, bank transfer, or cashapp. For the remaining balance, clients can refer back to the same invoice and make the payment using any of these available options. In the case of cash payments, the payment will be recorded manually, and an emailed receipt will be provided. If you have a preference for a payment plan, kindly discuss this with your photographer during the booking process before receiving the invoice.
  • Are your packages taxed?
    Yes, tax will be included in your invoice.
  • How Much Is a Deposit?
    Your deposit is 50% of the scheduled package price.
  • Is My Deposit Refundable?
    The fee paid during booking, known as the retainer, cannot be refunded if a-cancelation occurs 48 hours post-scheduling. However, an exception is made if the Photographer does not show up at the arranged location and time, and neglects to notify the Client at least a day prior. Should this situation arise, the deposit shall be refunded.

Terms of Service

Kailey Tucker Photography

Scheduling Policy:

- Sessions are booked on a first-come, first-served basis.

- To schedule a session, please contact me at least [14 days] in advance to ensure availability and book a consultation.

- Prior to scheduling your session, it is mandatory to book a complimentary consultation.

- Kindly provide your preferred contact information (phone number or email) for invoice delivery.

-  To secure your session date and time, a 50% non-refundable booking fee is necessary. This fee, payable at the time of booking, reserves the specified date and time for your session. The retainer fee will be deducted from the total session cost.

- Please arrive on time for your session to make the most of our time together.


Cancellation Policy:

- The retainer fee is non-refundable unless the Photographer fails to appear at the agreed-upon time and location without providing at least 24 hours' notice to the Client. In such cases, the retainer fee will be refunded in full.

- Any cancellations made by the Client more than 48 hours after booking will result in forfeiture of the retainer fee.


Payment: The remaining balance for the session is due no later than the day of the session.


Delivery of Products: The delivery timeframe for digital files, prints, albums, or other products will be discussed with the Client during the consultation. While every effort will be made to deliver products in a timely manner, delivery times may vary depending on the type of session and the volume of orders.


Copyright and Usage Rights: The Photographer retains copyright ownership of all photographs taken during the session. The Client is granted unlimited but non-exclusive rights to use or reproduce the photographs for personal use. Commercial use of the photographs is strictly prohibited without the Photographer's prior written consent.


Model Release: The Client agrees to grant the Photographer permission to use images from the session for promotional purposes, including but not limited to the Photographer's website, social media, and marketing materials, unless otherwise specified by the Client in writing.


By booking a session with the Photographer, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to abide by these Terms of Service.

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