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Kailey Tucker

Owner, Photographer


Knoxville, Tennessee

Areas of Expertise: 

Portrait, Family, and Maternity Photography
Digital Manipulation, Art, and Design

"Kailey Tucker Photography and Graphic Design" - A creative blend of visual storytelling and design expertise.

My Mission

At my core, I aspire to create moments behind the camera that evoke joy and happiness. My aim is to capture photographs that will be cherished for a lifetime and hold a special place in your heart. As a photographer, I am dedicated to capturing memories through images that tell a story and bring life to your cherished moments.

A Bit About Me

Photography has been a constant, comforting presence in my life since I was young. Growing up with a photographer as a mother meant that I spent countless hours playing with her Minolta film camera, and admiring her work in the JCPenney Portrait Studio at East Towne Mall. Watching her capture memories for families of all backgrounds sparked a passion within me to learn and create my own photographs. As I grew older, I found myself drawn to working at the studio during the holiday seasons. It was there that I discovered my love for connecting with people and sharing in their experiences. Now, years later, I feel so fortunate to be able to embrace my passion for photography professionally. Each day, I get to cuddle with sweet babies, play with children, and bond with fellow mothers who, like me, are navigating all the joys and challenges of parenthood.

A  Few Tiny Bits...


  •  I love being outside! Why I chose a profession that has me inside most of the time, who knows! But I do--I love the mountains, creeks, my own back yard. I find immense joy in looking at flowers, bugs, and all of nature's details up CLOSE. 

  • I try to do one new thing for each session, something I have never done before, something I want to remix, or something on my photography wish list of ideas. 

  • I enjoy high vibrational music, old school soul, 80's and 90's HipHop, and Motown

  • I designed my website, business cards, and marketing material. I outsource very little, although I know I need help. 

  • Procrastination is my biggest enemy and my most toxic relationship.

  • If I didn't answer my phone, I am probably in my back yard, playing in dirt, talking to birds, or trying to convince the chipmunks to play with me. 

  • One of my favorite memories is when a fat, little bumble bee landed on me and hung out for a few moments. 

  • Something I am actively trying to improve upon is communication and outreach. I want to touch base with my community on a more consistent bases.  

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