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Don't Forget a Moment: 7 Wallet-Friendly Ways to Bring Your Phone Photos to Life

Every day, we capture a myriad of moments on our phones. But do we ever stop to remember the importance of printing photos from our phones?

Let's start with a question. Have you ever wondered, "Why should I print photos when I have them safely stored on my phone?" Our interactions with photographs have fundamentally changed with the advent of smartphones. We snap, share, and forget - instead of preserving and treasuring special moments. We've moved far away from the photo albums we used to pore over with family and friends. In our digitized world, cameras have become an integral part of our daily lives. They offer a convenient and efficient way to capture and cherish moments. However, a trend that has emerged in recent years is the shift towards digital only storage of photographs. While this method certainly has its perks, it arguably has some pitfalls which make printed photographs still relevant and essential. This blog will delve into the value of printing your children's photos, not solely relying on the digital versions, and explore some affordable ways to print those memories.

Printing out your photos puts the physical memory of your experience into your hands - it makes the intangible, tangible. The feel of the print, the sight of it on the wall, or in an album, adds a sense of permanence and authenticity that’s hard to replicate digitally. Ask yourself this: "Are all my memories worth the scroll or the slide on screen?" Answer honestly. Hold a printed photo in your hand, and you'll recognize why it's so valuable. This sensory experience is more evocative than viewing an image on a screen. Printed photos offer a tangible connection to the past. They are a physical reminder of a moment captured in time and transport us back to those memories. Among family archives, printed photographs often become cherished keepsakes. They depict our personal narratives, and those of our ancestors, like silent storytellers.

Moreover, printed photos are essentially immortalized memories. They can be passed down generations, collected in albums, or displayed in frames. Imagine flipping through an old photo album where every page unfolds the saga of your family’s history. This experience significantly differs from swiping through digital images. Undoubtedly, printed photos serve as treasured heirlooms within families.

Digital photographs, despite their many conveniences, have shortcomings. Files can get corrupted, devices can fail, and data loss is a tangible risk. Moreover, digital images often don't get the attention they deserve. One may not often revisit their vast digital library. These photos could remain unseen, forgotten, lost amidst other files.

A common misconception is believing that photos stored in "the cloud" are safe. While the risk of loss is minimized, there's still a chance of data being lost due to technical glitches. Inaccurate synchronizations, accidental deletions, or failing to back up can lead to loss of precious, irreplaceable memories. Moreover, digital storage services often require recurring payment, which may not be cost-effective in the long run.

To sum up, there's no denying that digitalization has dramatically changed the way we capture and save memories. However, the emotional and nostalgic weight held by printed photos cannot be substituted. These physical prints are not just reminders of our history but also clues to our journeys. Of course, this doesn't imply that you need to spend a fortune to print photos! From your local printing shops and online photo-printing platforms to owning your home printer, several budget-friendly options are available. To make things easier for you, I've compiled a list featuring what I consider the simplest and the most economical methods of printing your memorable pictures--in no particular order, because that is for you to decide. This way, they can be fondly remembered by loved ones and future generations.


Shutterfly offers unlimited FREE prints, when you use their app and pay shipping & handling. They also offer 1-hour print pickup, for 4x6 prints, with Walgreens and CVS.

Until July 26, 2023, no code needed, you can also get 50% Photo Books!


FreePrints is an app available for both iOS and Android, that works hand in hand with your phone’s photo gallery, as well as, your Facebook or Instagram accounts! You can't get any easier!

Order up to 85 4x6 photos a month, or 1,000 photos per year, for just the cost of shipping. Shipping starts at $1.99 and never exceeds $9.99


Snapfish professes that their photo paper stays vibrant for ages, or around 70 years, before it begins to lose color. They offer the convenience of mail order and pick-up from the store.

Standard 4x6 prints - Starting at 9¢ each

Right now, when you signup, you receive 50 FREE 4x6 prints, when you pay shipping!

Save 70% sitewide on orders $50+ with code 70SITESNAP

Amazon Photos

Prime members, this one is especially for you! Did you know you could use your Prime membership to get free shipping on your prints too? For .17¢ per 4x6 or 4x5.3, and delivering in just 3-5 days, this is a great deal!

They also offer 5GB of storage for Prime members, which is a great backup option for your images that you aren’t able to print right away.


Chatbooks has such an awesome product! For $10-$15, depending on the subscription you choose, you can have a monthly photo book sent to you, with up to 30 pages (before paying +$.20 per additional page). According to their FAQ page, you have the option to add up to 2 photos per page.

Join their mailing list for a 10% discount on your purchase!


I thought this was such a cute option! Parabo offers 20 Tiny square prints, perfect for stashing away in your wallet, car visor, work desk, or photo ropes, for $5--$.25 per additional print. For $5 more, you can get 4x4 square prints or the standard 4x6 size, $.50 per additional print.

With no free option, here, you’re looking at $8-$15 in shipping; however, your prints are printed on thick, matte paper that is certified by the Rainforest Alliance Program for FSC Standards; and you can choose a crisp, white border or print your photo edge-to-edge


If you need to print a substantial length of photos, maybe gifting yourself an annual set of your snapshots, this looked to be another great option for photobooks. Vistaprint has even linked with PayPal, to give customers a convenient 4 interest-free payment option on orders over $30.

VistaPrint is also currently hosting their semi-annual sale, honoring 40% off their top picks--plus a new flash sale daily, all until July 27, 2023.

I do not maintain any affiliation, endorsements, or agreements with these organizations.

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