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A newborn baby girl in a lace outfit and headband, knoxville, tn, photographer, newborn photographer
Dad squated down, holding his smiling baby girl
Eloped tattooed couple kissing to celebrate their elopement
A couple going to a walk in a park with lots of trees
Newborn baby girl in a purple onesie boutique outfit and headband hairbow, lying on a white pillow
A maternity pose with a stool on a backlit all white backdrop

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Our Clients Say

A family of four, mom, dad, brothers, two sons on a boat dock in Fall, with orange and yellow leaves
Kailey was so great in accommodating my family’s crazy schedule to find a time for our fall family pictures. She was so very patient and kind to my two kiddos while photographing them and made sure they had fun. I couldn’t be more pleased with our photos. She made sure to get both serious ones that are frame-worthy but also capture my kid’s silly personalities. I would definitely recommend her!



Black and White Photo of a Black Grandfather and Granddaughter Sharing a Sweet Smile In this captivating black and white photo, a black grandfather and his precious granddaughter are captured in a heartwarming moment of connection. Both individuals can be seen smiling warmly at each other, radiating pure joy and affection. The monochromatic tones add a timeless touch, enhancing the emotional impact of the image. This tender photograph beautifully showcases the special bond between generations, showcasing the love, guidance, and happiness shared between a grandfather and his granddaughter. The black and white composition adds a touch of nostalgia and emphasizes the genuine expressions on their faces. This SEO-optimized image description highlights the key elements of the photo, incorporating relevant keywords such as black and white photo, black grandfather, granddaughter, smiling, and love. It aims to effectively convey the emotion and essence of the image to

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